Tea Garden Visit. Tea Garden Has The Answer To Everything

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Tea Garden Visit. Dooars And Terai Tea Garden Visit In Jalpaiguri. Tea Garden Has The Answer To Everything.

Friends, I am Mukesh welcome to the next video of this Tea business, today we are friends, on the Teesta River, which is the Teesta River, which you are seeing behind me, you are seeing the whole river, this is the pistachio which is your door. Subscribe and you want to listen to the Garden of the Terai Variation Now where I am standing then you have the Gardens of the Terai on the left side and start for the door on the right side where the slave carrier would have happened twice if you went to the right side Is And if you fall on the left side, then studies begin,

friends, if the tiger area of Fry starts, then Rai’s Garden sleeps, then these friends, we will also show you the opening by going to it, so this is the animal that can river your Teesta. It’s a very wide river, it’s only big you can see, it’s big enough, so only you can find it now, thank you guys in your garden,

friends show you the garden inside the garden, they take a tour of the garden and today those who the garden we are in But on the side, you will see that tuning has been done there, that means that which is cut, the rotating hormone of the area runs at that time, things that are an option, then the heroine, etc. It is yet to be the quality produced from the quality plant from the plant, where the quality is produced, very good quality is produced here, I would like to tell you a little about the plant, friends, this is the point you have are looking for. point is

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