Zircon Loose Green Tea 450 Rs/Kg

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Loose Green Tea is a premium-quality tea offered at an affordable price of 450 Rs per kilogram. Sourced from carefully selected Camellia sinensis leaves, it delivers a delightful taste and invigorating aroma. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, this versatile tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, and its brewing strength can be customized to suit individual preferences. Indulge in the finest Loose Green Tea and experience the perfect blend of taste, freshness, and value.


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Premium Loose Green Tea at an Affordable Price


Zircon Loose Green Tea is a premium tea offering exceptional quality and value. Sourced from carefully selected Camellia sinensis leaves, this loose green tea delivers a delightful taste and aroma that is sure to satisfy tea enthusiasts. With its vibrant green colour and invigorating flavour profile, it provides a rejuvenating and uplifting tea experience.

Each batch of Zircon Loose Green Tea is meticulously processed to preserve its natural antioxidants and nutrients, ensuring maximum freshness and health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, this tea may support overall well-being and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Loose green tea is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. Brew it hot for a comforting cup of tea, or prepare it cold for a refreshing iced tea option. Its customizable brewing strength allows you to tailor it to your preferred taste.

Indulge in the goodness of Loose Green Tea, available at an affordable price of 450 rupees per kilogramme. With its superior quality and affordable pricing, this tea is a perfect choice for tea lovers who value both taste and value for money.

  1. Premium Loose Green Tea at an Affordable Price
  2. Carefully Selected Camellia Sinensis Leaves
  3. Delightful Taste and Invigorating Aroma
  4. Rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients
  5. Customizable Brewing Strength for Personalised Taste
  6. Versatile Tea for Hot or Cold Enjoyment
  7. Freshness and Quality Guaranteed
  8. Supports Overall Well-being
  9. Great Value for Money
  10. Indulge in the Finest Loose Green Tea at 450 Rs/Kg

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    6 reviews for Zircon Loose Green Tea 450 Rs/Kg

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      Good Product

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      classy product

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      Nice product

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      Very nice product

    6. Shailesh bhai Pitroda shailesh

      Good product 👍

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