Tea Tasting Set 6 Pcs Set

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Experience the essence of simplicity with our Tea Tasting Set. Crafted with elegant white porcelain, this set is designed to elevate your tea-tasting rituals. Enjoy the clean and minimalist design that allows the true beauty and flavours of your teas to shine. Perfect for tea enthusiasts seeking a serene and uncluttered experience, this set invites you to savour every sip and immerse yourself in the world of tea.


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Professional Tea Tasting Set
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TEA TASTING SET, Best Quality Tea Set

Introducing our Tea Tasting Set, a sophisticated and practical collection designed specifically for tea professionals and enthusiasts who appreciate simplicity and functionality. This set combines minimalistic design with high-quality materials to create a truly professional tasting experience.

The White Plain Professional Tea Tasting Set includes:

  1. Tasting Cups: These pure white porcelain cups are meticulously crafted to provide the ideal vessel for evaluating the colour, aroma, and taste of teas. Their clean and unadorned appearance allows you to focus solely on the tea itself, without any distractions. The cups feature a smooth and delicate rim, ensuring a comfortable sipping experience and allowing the flavours to fully develop on your palate.
  2. Tasting Bowls: The set also includes white porcelain tasting bowls, specially designed to enhance the sensory experience of tea tasting. The bowls have a wide opening, allowing the aromas to unfold and reveal the tea’s nuances. Their generous size accommodates the necessary swirling and observation, enabling you to evaluate the tea’s appearance and clarity. The bowls are also stackable for convenient storage and easy handling.

The White Plain Professional Tea Set is an essential tool for tea professionals, educators, and those passionate about the art of tea. It embodies simplicity and elegance, allowing you to focus on the tea’s characteristics and make accurate evaluations. Elevate your tea tastings to a new level of professionalism with this thoughtfully designed set.

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5 reviews for Tea Tasting Set 6 Pcs Set

  1. Padma Rautela

    Padma Rautela……. raitelapadma396@gmail.com…. Nice tea tasting set

  2. Arnab das

    TEA TASTING SET , Best Quality Tea Tasting Set . World Best Quality Tea Tasting Set . Best Tea tasting Set👌👍

  3. Surender singh

    A bright and valuable piece of art that is used in tea testing.AGood product.

  4. Kailash Samal

    Good quality product

  5. Ranaram Godara

    Best tea tasting set

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