Zircon Chai Pet Jar 3Kg

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Zircon CTC JAR Tea . World Best Quality Zircon CTC JAR Tea . Best Zircon CTC JAR Tea . World Best Zircon CTC JAR Tea

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Zircon CTC JAR Tea . World Best Quality Zircon CTC JAR Tea . Best Zircon CTC JAR Tea . World Best Zircon CTC JAR Tea

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Weight 12 kg


3 KG, 12 KG

6 reviews for Zircon Chai Pet Jar 3Kg

  1. Padma Rautela

    Very nice tea and tea jar

  2. Kailash Samal

    very good taste

  3. Shiv Kumar Chik Baraik

    World best quality tea…I love it

  4. Parakram sinh Gohil

    Awesome product

  5. Shailesh bhai Pitroda shailesh

    Good product tea

  6. navneet

    Good product 👍

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