Shree Guru Jambheshwar Bhawan Sabad Vani

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“Shree Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan: Sabad Vani” is a sacred book comprising divine verses and profound teachings by Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan. Discover timeless wisdom, spiritual insights, and transformative guidance that inspire inner transformation and a deeper connection with the divine. This book serves as a source of inspiration, offering solace and spiritual growth for seekers on the path of self-realization. Experience the power of “Sabad Vani” to awaken your higher consciousness and embrace divine love and righteousness.


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Divine Verses of Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan
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Shree Guru Jambheshwar Bhawan Sabad Vani

The book “Shree Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan: Sabad Vani” is a sacred compilation of divine verses, spiritual teachings, and profound wisdom by Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan. This revered scripture serves as a guiding light for seekers on the path of self-realization, inner transformation, and spiritual enlightenment.

Key Features:

  1. Divine Verses: “Sabad Vani” consists of divine verses and hymns that embody the essence of Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan’s spiritual teachings. These verses carry a divine vibration and evoke a deep sense of connection with the divine presence.
  2. Spiritual Teachings: The book offers profound spiritual teachings that encompass various aspects of human existence, spirituality, and the pursuit of truth. Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan’s teachings provide guidance on righteousness, moral values, and the realisation of one’s true self.
  3. Wisdom for Inner Transformation: “Sabad Vani” provides valuable insights and practical wisdom for inner transformation. The teachings guide readers on a journey of self-discovery, helping them transcend limitations, cultivate virtues, and awaken their higher consciousness.
  4. Universal Relevance: The teachings in this book transcend religious boundaries, offering universal principles and truths that resonate with seekers from all backgrounds. They promote unity, love, and understanding among humanity, fostering a sense of oneness with the divine and all creation.
  5. Clarity and Simplicity: Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan’s teachings in “Sabad Vani” are presented in a clear and accessible manner, making spiritual concepts understandable to readers of various levels of spiritual understanding. The simplicity of the language allows the wisdom to penetrate deep into the hearts of readers.
  6. Source of Inspiration: “Shree Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan: Sabad Vani” serves as a profound source of inspiration and spiritual guidance. It offers solace, comfort, and transformative insights to those seeking spiritual growth, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with the divine.

Immerse yourself in the divine verses and profound teachings of “Shree Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan: Sabad Vani.” Let the wisdom within this sacred book awaken your spiritual journey, ignite the flame of self-realization, and lead you towards inner peace, righteousness, and divine love.

  • Divine Verses of Guru Jambheshwar Bhagwan
  • Timeless Wisdom for Spiritual Growth
  • Profound Teachings of “Sabad Vani”
  • Inner Transformation and Self-Realization
  • Universal Principles and Truths
  • Awakening Higher Consciousness
  • Source of Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance
  • Divine Love and Righteousness
  • Solace and Spiritual Nourishment
  • Embracing the Path of Enlightenment

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9 reviews for Shree Guru Jambheshwar Bhawan Sabad Vani

  1. Padma Rautela

    Padma Rautela.. Very good book

  2. Kanchana Firmal

    Very good

  3. ved


  4. Padma Rautela

    Very nice book

  5. Kailash Samal

    very infromative book

  6. Arnab das

    Very good book🙂👍

  7. Parakram sinh Gohil

    Very nice book

  8. navneet

    Good book

  9. Vicky bishnoi

    Amazing product

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