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Orthodox Black Tea is a premium-quality tea available at an affordable price of 550 Rs per kilogram. Sourced from select tea estates, this tea is handpicked and meticulously processed to bring out its distinctive flavor and rich aroma. With its full-bodied and robust taste, it offers a satisfying and invigorating tea experience. Packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits, Orthodox Black Tea is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a strong and flavorful cup of tea. Indulge in the richness of Orthodox Black Tea and elevate your tea-drinking experience.

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Premium Orthodox Black Tea at an Affordable Price
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Orthodox Black Tea is a premium tea variety known for its distinctive flavor and high quality. Sourced from selected tea estates, this tea offers a rich and robust taste that is sure to satisfy tea enthusiasts.

Orthodox Black Tea is meticulously processed using traditional methods, preserving its unique characteristics and flavors. The leaves are carefully handpicked, withered, rolled, oxidized, and dried to perfection. This careful processing results in a tea with a deep, full-bodied taste and a strong aroma.

With its bold and robust flavor, Orthodox Black Tea is perfect for those who prefer a stronger cup of tea. It can be enjoyed plain or with a touch of milk and sweetener, depending on personal preference.

Packed with potential health benefits, Orthodox Black Tea is known for its antioxidants and possible energy-boosting properties. Regular consumption of this tea may contribute to overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Experience the richness and complexity of Orthodox Black Tea, available at a price of 550 Rs per kilogram. Treat yourself to this premium tea and savor every sip of its bold and invigorating flavor.

  1. Premium Orthodox Black Tea at an Affordable Price
  2. Handpicked and Meticulously Processed Leaves
  3. Distinctive Flavor and Rich Aroma
  4. Full-bodied and Robust Taste
  5. Enjoy Plain or with Milk and Sweetener
  6. Packed with Antioxidants and Potential Health Benefits
  7. Energizing and Invigorating Tea Experience
  8. Sourced from Select Tea Estates
  9. Crafted with Traditional Methods for Authentic Flavor
  10. Indulge in the Finest Orthodox Black Tea at 550 Rs/Kg

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4 reviews for Orthodox Black Tea 550 Rs/ Kg

  1. ved


  2. Kailash Samal

    very good tea

  3. Parakram sinh Gohil

    Awesome product

  4. Shailesh bhai Pitroda shailesh

    Good product 👍

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