Zircon Moon Light Silver Needle

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Experience the delicate and enchanting flavors of Zircon Moon Light Silver Needle Tea. This exquisite blend features hand-picked silver needle white tea leaves, known for their rarity and exceptional quality. Savor the subtle and nuanced flavors, as the tea unfolds its delicate floral notes and hints of sweetness. With its smooth and silky texture, Zircon Moon Light Silver Needle Tea offers a truly luxurious tea experience. Embrace the ethereal beauty of this tea and indulge in a moment of pure serenity and refinement.

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Silver Needle
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DESCRIPTION :- Zircon Moon Light Silver Needle . As moonlights go, they are the best of the bunch. Profiles vary from batch to batch and the terroir and technique make a fine difference. Margaret’s Hope this spring offers an incredibly luscious cup, much envied by other moonlights and highly desired by tea enthusiasts. The aromatic liquor is vibrant right from the start and is well complemented by a light body that is impressively velvety. The lush geraniums and lilies resound throughout an some cheerful fruity notes of raw mangoes add depth and mellowness to the cup. Subtle hints of moonflower make the aftertaste quite sublime. You can step this cup a second time for a sweet and floral experience.

LIQUOR AROMA :- Immensely fragrant; redolent of geranium, lily, unripe tropical fruit and hint of fresh greens

APPEARANCE :- Champagne

TASTE :- The liquor is light-bodied, velvety smooth and tipped with vibrant floral attributes. The palate is filled with an aromatic suppleness, similar to geranium and lily which gradually grows into prominence and reverberates throughout. Pleasant fruity nuances, like raw mango come through distinctly around the edges and towards the end; rendering a layer of depth, mellowness and vivifying character to the cup. Ephemeral notes of moon flower come through in the aftertaste, making for a sublime experience. The second steep is pleasantly sweet and floral.

COMPLEMENTS :- Best enjoyed on its own

DRY LEAF AROMA :- Sweet, nutty with notes of vanilla, milk chocolate, nougat and delicate floral-woody note evocative of fragrant ivy

APPEARANCE :- Nicely rolled, elegant,, dark green leaves mixed with ample gray-lunar buds with pubescence and few bright green leaf cuttings

INFUSION AROMA :- Invigorating floral accents; reminiscent of jasmine, lily with lush citrusy and soft vegetal intonations

APPEARANCE :- Young, bright olive-green leaves, some with two leaves and soft green unopened buds


cold filtered

O2 Rich                                  Temperature                 Tea Leaves                       Time


HOT                             180 ml                                    80°C – 85°C                   3 tsp / 2.5 g                         5 min

Recommended number of steeps – 2

CONDIMENTS :- Drink Plain





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Weight .050 kg


2.5 KG, 50 GM

2 reviews for Zircon Moon Light Silver Needle

  1. Padma Rautela

    Very nice tea

  2. Kailash Samal

    Very good product

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