Zircon Kesar Rose Chai

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Indulge in the exotic flavors of Zircon Kesar Rose Chai. This captivating blend combines the richness of black tea with the delicate notes of saffron (kesar) and the enchanting fragrance of roses. Savor the harmonious fusion of flavors as you immerse yourself in a delightful and aromatic tea experience. The infusion of saffron and rose adds a touch of elegance to this blend, creating a truly captivating and indulgent cup of chai. Let Zircon Kesar Rose Chai transport you to a realm of luxury and enchantment with each sip.

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DESCRIPTION :- Kesar Rose Chai Desserts and sweetmeats are a big part of of every Indian celebration. This year, our blennders have created an indulgent blend with a rich dose of saffron, green cardamom and rose petals on a base of the best CTC black tea. It all makes for a fine chai that evokes the right mood for a great party.

INGREDIENTS :- Black tea, Rose petals, Saffron, Green cardamom

LIQUOR AROMA :- Starts with spicy notes of cardamom interlaced with subtle fragrance of rose and hints of saffron.

APPEARANCE :- Mild copper

TASTE :- The liquor is brisk, full bodied and starts with distinct notes of saffron which lends a pleasant sweetness to the palate. Subtle notes akin to wet earth are discernable around the edges. Toward the finish more fragrant notes of rose come in which linger on to provide a special chai drinking experience.

COMPLEMENTS :- Best enjoyed on its own.

DRY LEAF AROMA :- Bold cardamom with floral notes of rose and delicate notes of saffron

APPEARANCE :- Dark black leaves with green cardamom, rose and saffron

INFUSION AROMA :- A perfect balance of cardamom, rose and saffron

APPEARANCE :- Bright, coppery leaf with green cardamom, rose and saffron


cold filtered

O2 Rich                         Temperature           Tea Leaves                      Time

Water HOT                 180 ml                          90°C – 95°C            1 tsp / 2.5 g                       5 mins

Recommended number of steeps – 1

CONDIMENTS :- Drink Plain, Sugar, Milk




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    Very good product

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    Good for health

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    Experience the enchanting flavors of Zircon Keser Rose Chai, a captivating blend of robust black tea, aromatic spices, and delicate rose petals. This delightful infusion offers a harmonious balance of flavors, creating a truly indulgent and memorable tea experience. Savor the rich and warming notes of black tea, complemented by the enticing spice blend and the subtle sweetness of rose petals. Elevate your tea rituals with the alluring aroma and exquisite taste of Zircon Keser Rose Chai.

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